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Lightstone Lighting the Way

June 2020

What started as a whisper of trouble with a virus in the east grew into a pandemic that shut down the world’s leading economies – in a matter of weeks. Read all about the impact of Covid-19 on the property industry.

Franchising in SA

August 2019

Lightstone reveals how the service station industry offering continues to evolve in a demanding environment

Lightstone explores the Durban residential property market

August 2019

Kwa-Zula Natal's best performing areas and investment hotspots

Cape Town to update its property valuation roll

January 2019

Cape Town property owners are urged to inspect the city’s soon-to-be released valuation roll and object before August 30 if necessary

Are Johannesburg’s Rates Increases Unjustified?

January 2019

With petrol prices reaching record highs, water and sewer charges increasing well above inflation, the reintroduction of load-shedding and consumer confidence dropping due to job losses and low economic growth, it seems tone deaf of the Johannesburg Municipality to be taking pride in its recent record revenue collection.

Property Buyers Show Durban Market Presentation

July 2018

Paul-Roux de Kock presented at the Property Buyers Show talking about the Durban residential property market and all the investment hotspots.

Lightstone figures show properties with best price growth

June 2018

If you are considering buying a home based on current rates of price growth, your best bet would be to buy a home on the coast or one that costs less than R250 000.

A few considerations for buying vs renting

June 2018

There are two mindsets when debating homeownership versus renting, and when weighing up which is best there are many pros, but just as many cons.

House prices expected to remain stable in 2018

May 2018

Not many people will argue that the first quarter of 2018 was an uncertain period with the announcement of Jacob Zuma’s resignation followed by corruption charges, the inauguration of the new President as well as the start of discussions for government to proceed with land expropriation without compensation.

Cape Town Property Buyers Show Presentation

April 2018

At the show we presented on the hot psots in the Western Cape, as well as what affect the drought has had on the property market.

Smart options for South African cities - Publication: BUSINESS DAY – HOMEFRONT

March 2018

The UN predicts that 70% of the world’s population will be urban by 2050. Are local cities on the right trajectory?

How to use the Lightstone Evaluation Report to object rate increases

March 2018

The recent City of Johannesburg’s General Valuation Roll 2018 has caught many citizens unaware with high increases of between 40% – 70%. The municipality has further indicated that owners should submit objections to these valuation increases by 6 April 2018 should they find any irregularities.

Gauteng: Affordable home location for first-time buyers

March 2018

After a tough couple of years during which Gauteng’s housing market has been a regional underperformer, the relative affordability of homes in the province, coupled with a rebound in demand from first-time buyers and a revival in SA’s economic growth prospects suggest that the Gauteng housing market will enjoy a healthy rebound during the course of 2018.

How to object to shock Joburg property valuations

March 2018

Onus is on you to prove that your house is worth less than estimated.

Commute times impact property values (Publication: THE MERCURY)

February 2018

As our roads get busier every year, the people are seeking ways to reduce their commute times to improve their quality of life.

Big demand is for cheaper houses (Publication: SATURDAY ARGUS)

February 2018

House prices and the types of homes people are looking for seem to mirror the country’s economic and home affordability situations as upper end properties sit on the market for longer.

Best January for sales in three years - Lightstone (Publication: SATURDAY ARGUS)

February 2018

Despite the concerns that the water crisis could put owners off buying homes in the Western Cape, new statistics from Lightstone show that more property sales were concluded in the province last month that during the previous two Januaries.

Industrials are the top performances (Publication: CAPE TIMES)

February 2018

The industrial property market remains the best performing commercial sector in the country as developers continue to build and see rewards for their risks.

En die duurste straat in SA is . . .

February 2018

Die eiendomsgroep Lightstone Property het hul jaarlikse syfers vir die duurste straat in die land bekendgestel, en Nettleton-weg in die Kaapse buurt Clifton boer boaan dié lys.

The most expensive streets in South Africa in 2018

February 2018

Research and data group Lightstone has published a list of the most expensive streets in Gauteng, the Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal.

Cape Town Property Prices Taking A Serious Knock As Day Zero Nears

February 2018

The City was named Design Capital of the world back in 2014, which was just another accomplishment about which we could toot our horn. Soon, thanks to a more relaxed lifestyle in scenic surrounds, our property prices soared through the roof.

Hotspots & How To - Investing for the year (Publication: REAL ESTATE)

February 2018

With each new year comes new snippets of advice from experts regarding the best investment strategies.

Don’t wait an age to become a home-owner

January 2018

Many people only start thinking about home-ownership when they are ready to “settle down” or start a family, which is why first-time buyers these days are generally in their mid-30s, compared to those in the previous generation who were usually in their mid-20s. “But it can really pay to get a start in the property market much sooner,” says Gerhard Kotzé, MD of the RealNet estate agency group.

RE/MAX National Housing Report Q4

January 2018

Regional Director and CEO of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, Adrian Goslett, says that over the course of 2017 sectional title prices saw an increase of 4% on the previous year, while freehold home prices remained unchanged.

#BizTrends2018: Property trends forecast for 2018

January 2018

Lightstone evaluates commercial and retail data within South Africa and forecasts 2018 trends for business, retail space and industrial zones.

Gated communities mushrooming in Gauteng

December 2017

Approximately half of all South Africa’s gated communities are situated in Gauteng, where homes in residential estates remain a popular option despite the slow national economic indicators.


November 2017

It’s been a tumultuous year on many fronts, with socio-political uncertainty setting the tone for much of South Africa’s economic activity yet despite this and seemingly counterintuitively, the residential property market has held up well.

Estate living in Gauteng becoming increasingly accessible

November 2017

According to a recent press release from Lightstone, property located in security estates is valued at about three times more than normal freehold property. The national average cost for a property in South Africa last year was R700 000, whereas the average price within an estate was R2 million.

Time on the market for luxury homes spikes to decade-high

November 2017

The average time on the market for luxury homes has spiked to the highest in at least the last decade, with houses in this ‘high-net-worth’ segment now spending 23.29 weeks ‘for sale’. This is a sharp increase over the past year, and a nearly 50% jump from the 15.86 weeks on average from 2014.

Gautrain skyrockets property prices

November 2017

Money talk on Mix FM. Tumisang Ndlovu interviews Paul_Roux De Kock – abalytics director at Lightstone. 06 November 2017

Johannesburg suburbs you should invest in now

November 2017

Stagnation? What stagnation? These areas are on an upward trajectory that looks set to last well into the next decade. Publication: Business Day – Homefront; 03 November 2017

Lightstone’s overview of the current property landscape

November 2017

Property remains one of the oldest and most popular investments globally, and property forecasters have recently mentioned that the biggest deterrents for buyers are not only the economy, but having confidence in the location of the property. Lightstone provides analysis to evaluate trends and segmentation within the property sector.

RE/MAX National Housing Report Q3 2017

November 2017

Over the last three months, 36 740 bonds were registered at the Deeds Office, totalling an amount of R38 844 981.


August 2017

Publication: Finweek - Apart from buying a home, investment into bricks-and-mortar residential property offers SA’s locals a means of growing their wealth portfolios. Or does it?

Why pricing your home according to the portals may never see it sell

August 2017

Contrary to what you think you know, pricing your house according to the listing price of other homes on property portals in your suburb or street is a bad idea. This is because, just like you, your home is unique. No two homes are exactly the same – even the cookie cutter kind are each unique…

10 of the most expensive houses in South Africa

August 2017

These super luxury houses with enormous price tags will induce some serious house envy. A recent study by property group Seeff, based on data from Lightstone and Propstats for the period 2011/2 to 2016/7 revealed that Cape Town is home to nine of the ten richest suburbs in South Africa. Only one suburb in Gauteng, Sandhurst, cracked the top 10 on the list.

Paying one commission is tough ... but two?

July 2017

In the current property market, where stock is generally limited, sellers should protect themselves from a double commission claim, according to an attorney from a leading law firm. This warning does not apply only to sellers with an open mandate. Even those with a sole mandate are at risk of a double commission claim…

The guide to selling your home privately in South Africa

July 2017

A home sale is likely to be the largest financial transaction you undertake in your personal capacity. With so much at stake, selling your home is understandably intimidating and stressful. Our “How to” guide on selling your property privately in South Africa will relieve some of the stress by providing you with all the help and information that you need.

SA’s crazy housing market: Why it’s a great time to be a middle-class homeowner

July 2017

With ongoing strain in the economy, the housing market is following suit but that’s not necessarily a bad thing according to a new report by Lightstone.

Is affordable housing a good investment?

June 2017

Experts say demand outweighs supply of homes in the R400,000 – R800,000 price bracket. This trend is expected to continue.

Lightstone insight – house price indices for residential property

June 2017

Lightstone Property, good friends and client of CN&CO, are big on data analytics. Recently, Lightstone has provided a report on house price indices for residential property in South Africa.

Cape of good homes

May 2017

Cape Town's soaring house prices make it difficult for middle-income buyers and buy-to-let investors to find a decent abode for less than R3m

Gauteng draws first-time buyers

May 2017

First-time buyers will benefit from the increase in the exemption threshold for transfer duty, but is it still possible to find a decent starter home in a Gauteng metro for less than R1m?

The South African suburbs with the most break-ins

May 2017

Property group, Lightstone, has released a report on the effect of crime on property prices in South Africa, with some surprising data on the most crime-affected residential suburbs in the country.

Does crime really affect home buying and renting trends?

May 2017

If suburbs with lower crime rates are more attractive to property buyers and tenants, and can attract higher sale and rental prices, why is Western Cape property some of the most expensive in the country?

The Gentrification Equation

April 2017

“Look at the road you’re standing in”, says 27-year-old Yusuf Toefy. “You see barber shops, you see fish and chips eateries, you see clothing stores. Now remember how this place looks and come back in a few years’ time. This road is not going to look the same”. From this pavement in bustling Malta Road in Salt River, where Toefy lives, there are barber shops, fisheries, and the fabric stores. But beyond the shops and houses there is also a community. This is the type of neighbourhood where businesses know each other as neighbours do, and call their customers friends and family.

Looking ahead

March 2017

Property developers and various funds may diversify to cater for student housing demand, while institutional investors will be forced to scale back their exposure to shopping centres

Seniors invest in top Cape properties

March 2017

An increasing number of South Africans over the age of 65 are snapping up luxury and super-luxury properties in the Western Cape.

Gated communities still popular despite big drop in developments‚ new figures show

February 2017

At least one in 10 South Africans still choose gated communities when making residential property purchases despite a big drop in new estate developments‚ new data shows. There are nearly 7 000 freehold and sectional scheme estates with around 355 000 active residential properties‚ valued at R800-billion‚ throughout the country‚ according to market intelligence company Lightstone Property. But‚ surprisingly‚ only 21 new estates were developed in 2015 compared with the 458 established during the sector's peak in 2004.

More single women than single men are buying homes

February 2017

But a report notes that women are still faced with legal constraints‚ employment and income limitations‚ and exclusion from economic policymaking decisions

Lightstone’s house price indices

February 2017

Technology has revolutionised just about every industry and it’s no different for the property sector. Thanks to advancements in processing capabilities it is possible to analyse large data sets and make new discoveries that can be useful to businesses. Our clients at Lightstone Property are especially proficient when it comes to data analytics. They provide comprehensive data about property, automotive and business assets in South Africa. This information can be accessed on/offline.

The most expensive streets in SA

January 2017

New data shows which streets in South Africa are the most valuable in each major metro, based on historic and comparative data.

Announcing Market View Report

July 2016

Market View gives you easier and more accurate market valuation information

No sparks flying in SA Property market

March 2016

Due to a vicious cycle in the economy, one could say there is currently little oxygen in the SA residential property market in general, according to Paul-Roux de Kock, analytics director for Lightstone.

On a slippery slope

January 2016

The residential property market won't be able to insulate itself from SA's economic woes for much longer, industry players believe.

Housing prices forecast to lag rising inflation

January 2016

Johannesburg - Without a significant positive economic turnaround, national house price inflation this year will drop below the consumer price index (CPI), resulting in a loss of real wealth for the majority of homeowners for the first time since 2011

South Africa’s top 10 richest suburbs

November 2015

South Africa’s top 10 suburbs now boast an average sales price exceeding R10 million, with Clifton, in Cape Town, rated as the most expensive of the lot, averaging R20 million.

Multimillion-rand water park set to boost Scottburgh's property prices

October 2015

The news that the largest water park in South Africa is going to be built in the sleepy coastal town of Scottburgh on the South Coast of KwaZulu-Natal will undoubtedly boost interest in the local property market.

Property investors to consider alternative options as house prices continue to rise in City Bowl and surrounds

October 2015

According to recent statistics compiled by Lightstone, the average selling price of properties in the Cape Town City Bowl and surrounds, including Green Point, Sea Point and De Waterkant is between R3 million and R5 million,

10 tips for home buyers

September 2015

Get a comparative market analysis to compare the price you are being asked to pay with other prices in the neighbourhood.

SA's trendiest suburbs

September 2015

Between Clifton and Llandudno, with the spectacular Twelve Apostles mountain range behind it and the ocean in front, Camps Bay is one of Cape Town's most affluent suburbs

Home owners: Bond free but riding the slump

September 2015

The full swing of the interest rate-rising cycle is expected to cool down a residential property market already exerting mounting pressures. Although the housing market is still impacted by humdrum property valuations, and buyers down-sizing their property ambitions due to affordability issues, it seems like there is some respite for a particular segment of property owners.

Augmented reality incorporated into Lightstone Property Pro app – first of its kind in SA

September 2015

Following the success of their LIVE app which won App of the year and Best Android App (Enterprise) at the 2014 MTN Business App of The Year Awards, Lightstone have just released their latest app called Lightstone Property Pro. The app, which is a first of its kind in South Africa, will provide property professionals with immediate access to accurate, credible and verified property information exactly when they need it, on the go.

Gauteng's sectional title properties remain in demand

September 2015

Sectional title properties are more popular than ever in the Gauteng suburbs, and indeed around South Africa, with the demand for these types of homes continuing unabated despite the inflationary pressures currently being felt by many households.

Cube Workspace opens fourth serviced office property, with Bryanston launch

August 2015

Head of Commercial Property at data-analytics company Lightstone Property Ndibu Motaung clarifies, “Cost of occupation is a primary concern because of rising municipal costs, electricity prices, fuel and volatile exchange rates, and this is driving large entities like Alexander Forbes, Ernst and Young, Discovery, Webber Wentzel and FNB to occupy more energy efficient and ergonomic offices in Sandton and Cape Town.”

South Africa's most expensive addresses

August 2015

Using a valuation model based on repeat sales and comparable sales, Lightstone has determined that Nettleton Road in Clifton is the country’s most historically valuable street, with an average homes sale value of R27.1 million.

Healthy and sustained demand for commercial property in SA

July 2015

Well-positioned commercial property in outlying areas around South Africa is proving increasingly attractive to local and foreign buyers...

Sandton attracts wealth

July 2015

Have between R20m and R80m to spend on a new pad in Johannesburg's Northern Suburbs? No, us neither. But there are, apparently, some exceptions. According to property data company Lightstone,

The most expensive streets in South Africa

July 2015

New data has revealed which street in South Africa commands, on average, the highest prices for homes. The data, provided by Lightstone Property, looks at the average sales transfer prices, calculated per street across South Africa’s major provinces over the past year.

V&A Waterfront focuses on residential

July 2015

Residential is becoming an increasing focus in mix-use developments at and near the Victoria & Alfred (V&A) Waterfront in Cape Town

Property deals shun slowdown

June 2015

Transaction activity in the South African commercial market appears buoyant despite the impact on local markets of prolonged sluggish domestic and global economic activity.

Housing density soars in Midrand

June 2015

Lightstone analyses density. Midrand, at the current rate of densification, might be one of the most densely populated areas in South Africa within the next 30 years, according to property services group Lightstone.

Crime arrests property growth

May 2015

a single year of high crime growth in an established residential area can be detrimental to house price inflation for at least two years thereafter, before the effect starts to slowly taper off

Popularity of lifestyle estates increasing

March 2015

Luxury lifestyle estates are increasingly benefiting from a growing number of buyers moving up into the higher-value markets.

Crime arrests property growth

September 2014

A single year of high crime growth in an established residential area can be detrimental to house price inflation for at least two years thereafter, before the effect starts to slowly taper off.

Location is ticket to ride for property near station

September 2014

Property prices in areas surrounding the Gautrain stations have increased. Those close to Joburg, Rosebank, Sandton, Hatfield and Pretoria Gautrain stations have seen the highest growth.

Foreign interest in SA property remains strong

September 2014

Business in Gauteng and leisure in the Western Cape are driving the majority of purchases of South African property by foreigners. According to property analytics company Lightstone, foreign confidence in the local property market is holding firm, although sales by foreigners outnumbered purchases in the last year.