Once-off Residential Property Reports

Lightstone Property also offers its wide range of residential property reports on a "pay per report" basis using a credit card. This service is ideal for property owners and buyers or anyone else looking for property information on an irregular or more limited basis.

Consumer Asset Valuation

Report Description Price Action
Valuation Property Value Seller Report

Selling your home? This report is designed to help you make better selling decisions by knowing more about your property’s potential selling price and what’s happening in the market.

Get insights on recent sales in in the area and estimates on your current property value – the same AI-powered data used to determine the value of your property is also used by most leading banks to make lending decisions.

R150.00 excl Vat
R172.50 incl Vat
Valuation Property Value Buyer Report Buying or investing in a new property? This report is designed to make informed decisions about a property you are interested in by knowing whether the market value is in line with the asking price, potential future growth, how the suburb is performing and affordability.

Get insights about potential return on investment informed by historical growth, suburb investment desirability, costs involved in purchasing the property and expected monthly costs. Along with intel on recent sales in in the area and property value estimates– these same estimates are also used by most leading banks to make lending decisions.
R150.00 excl Vat
R172.50 incl Vat
Valuation Vehicle Valuation Report Use your car’s VIN number and find out what the estimated market value of your car is. Our valuation model returns instant real-time, accurate valuation information. R21.60 excl Vat
R24.84 incl Vat

The full range of online property reports include:

Report Description Price Action
Property Report Property Report Forming the basis of all of our analytical work this report assists in providing all relevant information on a particular property. It assists in understanding the value and history of a property. The report includes legal descriptions, ownership history, size, location, 20 most recent sales, amenities as well as a history of transfers in the area. The comparable sales table offers subscribers the ability to easily select properties that are most applicable, list and compare the most recent sales to accurately determine a value on a property. Further added value is an ability to measure the area under roof, interactive maps and street view functionality. R115.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
Town Report Town Report Provides the number of freehold and sectional title properties of the town you’re looking at, the sales and lending activity within the town, a list of amenities in the town and a comprehensive overview of the actual boundaries of suburbs that make up a town - as well as a map of the area. A further addition included is sales in execution in the area. R115.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
Suburb Report Suburb Report Provides a comprehensive overview of the boundaries of a suburb, the number of freehold and sectional title properties within the suburb (according to the type of property) sales and lending activity, and a list of amenities (like schools, police stations and shopping centres) within, or close to, a suburb. It also includes demographic information like average age of home owners within the area. This is perfect to include along with a property brochure at a show day to equip potential buyers with insight into an area. R115.00 + Vat SAMPLE    BUY NOW
Estate Report Estate Report This report shows a map of the area, the boundaries of the estate, the number of freehold and sectional title properties and the sales and lending activity within an estate. It also includes what properties have sold for recently, the average sales price in the area, and the ages of people living in the estate. R115.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
Transfers Report Our query-driven transfers report offers detailed and up to date records of property transfers and bond registrations for a street, suburb or area based on your search criteria. Designed to help conduct off-line analysis of property and bond transactions the report is available in a downloadable excel spread sheet. R145.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
SSR Sectional Schemes Report
Offers a comprehensive view of the location and age of a complex, and includes the number of units according to the property type, the 10 most recent sales in a complex and an ability to rank the complex against others in the area. It furthermore provides the demographic profile of the owners, property sales and lending activity. R115.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
Owners In Complex Report Owners in Complex Report
Depicts who owns which units or properties in a gated community or walled estate and includes maps, estate details, sale and transfer information and sizes of each unit. R145.00 + Vat SAMPLE   BUY NOW
Rental Property Risk Report
Designed to deliver a clear understanding of the various risks a property is exposed to. Information on the size, value, credit risk, suburb demographics, owners and bond details provides relevant information on the property and its surrounds. The risk report further delves into the various crime, weather and land characteristics within the area. It provides insight into expected hail, lightning, flood risks as well as slope, soil type, seismic activity and proximity to mines and water. R220.00 + Vat SAMPLE    BUY NOW