Residential Property Toolkit

Lightstone’s Property Toolkit provides access for subscribers to a set of tailored Residential Property reports.

Why subscribe to the Property Toolkit?

Our Property Toolkit provides the most cost effective way to access our broad range of bundled reports. We have a mobile app that gives subscribers automatic access to various reports. Subscribers also have the benefit of accessing some unique reports such as our EzScore and EzContact reports.

What reports are included in the Property Toolkit subscription?

These reports are referred to as inclusive reports in our subscription packages.

Forming the basis of all of our analytical work this report assists in providing all relevant information on a particular property. It assists in understanding the value and history of a property. The report includes legal descriptions, ownership history, size, location, 20 most recent sales, amenities as well as a history of transfers in the area. The comparable sales table offers subscribers the ability to easily select properties that are most applicable, list and compare the most recent sales to accurately determine a value on a property. Further added value is an ability to measure the area under roof, interactive maps and street view functionality.

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Provides a comprehensive overview of the boundaries of a suburb, the number of freehold and sectional title properties within the suburb (according to the type of property) sales and lending activity, and a list of amenities (like schools, police stations and shopping centres) within, or close to, a suburb. It also includes demographic information like average age of home owners within the area. This is perfect to include along with a property brochure at a show day to equip potential buyers with insight into an area.

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Depicts owners of units or properties in a gated community or walled estate and includes maps, estate details and sizes of each unit.

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Depicts owners of units or properties in a gated community or walled estate and includes transaction information relating to title deed numbers, registration and purchase dates and purchase price.

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Offers a comprehensive view of the location and age of a complex, and includes the number of units according to the property type, the 10 most recent sales in a complex and an ability to rank the complex against others in the area. It furthermore provides the demographic profile of the owners, property sales and lending activity.

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Our query-driven transfers report offers detailed and up to date records of property transfers and bond registrations for a street, suburb or area based on your search criteria. Designed to help conduct off-line analysis of property and bond transactions the report is available in a downloadable excel spread sheet.

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Provides the number of freehold and sectional title properties of the town you’re looking at, the sales and lending activity within the town, a list of amenities in the town and a comprehensive overview of the actual boundaries of suburbs that make up a town - as well as a map of the area. A further addition included is sales in execution in the area.

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This report shows a map of the area, the boundaries of the estate, the number of freehold and sectional title properties and the sales and lending activity within an estate. It also includes what properties have sold for recently, the average sales price in the area, and the ages of people living in the estate.

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Depicts who owns which property in a street within a selected suburb as well as the last 5 transactions that occurred in the street. Sectional schemes and walled estates are automatically excluded.

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What additional reports are available?

Derived from our AVM (Automated Valuation Model) which uses repeat sales methodology in its valuation prediction of residential properties, it estimates the current market value of the property. It includes everything contained in the property report as well as a valuation on the property and a high and a low value to understand a market price range that the property could sell within. The added benefit is an accuracy score which is a percentage figure on how confident we are in our prediction, and a safety score – which is a percentage of our level of confidence that we are not under predicting on the value. A number of lenders use the AVM during the bond application process.

R125.00 per report  |    view sample report

Drawn directly from the deeds office of South Africa reflecting the updated information as they record it on their database, searches can be conducted using either owner details or property details. Title deed documents and Trust information can also be retrieved.

Name/Property – R19.55 per successful search , R19.55 per unsuccessful search
Document Copy – R95.00 per document
Trust Search - R18.50 per successful search , R18.50 for an unsuccessful search (not found or no trustees)

The Inclusive transfers report consists of 30 lines, using the advanced transfers report offers up to 500 rows of data

30 – 200 lines R30.00
201 – 500 lines R65.00

The EzContact report is an additional report that allows a user to search for an individual’s contact details using their ID number or locating the property that they own on the map. The data provided is obtained from and maintained by the 3rd party data supplier.

R4.50 per report  |    view sample report

The Bulk EzContact report is an additional report that allows a user to search for contact details for multiple ID numbers by locating the area on the map or uploading a list of pre-selected ID numbers on a CSV file. A quotation is provided prior to purchase for successful records matched. The data provided is obtained from and maintained by the 3rd party data supplier.

R4.50 per ID number

The EzScore Report offers industry professionals an indication of the creditworthiness and level of affordability of potential clients. The report provides a general indicator on whether an individual will be able to afford or qualify for additional credit. It offers a summarised credit check and does not leave a foot print and therefore won’t affect an individual’s credit scoring. The data provided is obtained from and maintained by a 3rd party data supplier.

R17.25 per report  |    view sample report

Search for company director details, or by director name for affiliated companies. The report contains information on CC’s and Pty (Ltd) companies. For trust information refer to Lightstone Business.

R17.25 per search

This report is pulled directly from the Surveyor General Office and gives the foot print of a property boundary, allowing insight into servitudes that are linked to a property. It also assists in validating the size of a property.


The Estate Agent Valuation Model (EVM©) provides a price counselling tool for estate agents to help guide sellers and buyers to the right market value of a property.

R15.00 per report |   view sample report

Designed to deliver a clear understanding of the various risks a property is exposed to. Information on the size, value, credit risk, suburb demographics, owners and bond details provides relevant information on the property and its surrounds. The risk report further delves into the various crime, weather and land characteristics within the area. It provides insight into expected hail, lightning, flood risks as well as slope, soil type, seismic activity and proximity to mines and water.

R150.00 per report  |    view sample report

Receive a list of all sectional schemes and estates in a suburb.

R135.00 per report  |    view sample report

This report provides an expected price based on different sales channels such as a normal sale, a distressed sale through an auction as well as an assisted sale. You will also obtain information on distressed sales for the last 24 months within the adjacent suburbs, as well as a view of possible areas to buy or rent in as opposed to the subject property.

R105.00 per report  |    view sample report

The Deeds Office Tracking System (DOTS) is used by the Deeds Office uses to track the progress of documents through the registration process. A barcode is allocated to each document lodged at the Deeds office, and is scanned when the document moves from one stage to the next in the Deeds office process. The Lightstone Additional report called DOTS Tracking, is available to all our subscribers to track the progress of a document as it moves through the registration process at the Deeds Office. A search can be conducted using a document barcode, person or company details, or through property details.

R20.00 per report  |    view sample report

The Street to Erf conversation assist in converting a street name to erf or erf number to a street name.

R10.00 per report  |    view sample report

The linked report provides a view of property ownership, both in terms of current property ownership as well as historical property ownership.Associations in terms of property ownership for both individuals as well as companies are provided within the report. The report will also highlight whether a person is a Director of a Company that currently owns property or has previously owned property. This report is not a live deeds report.

R75.00 per report

The My Area report provides a comprehensive overview of the boundaries of a predefined area, market stock in terms of the number of freehold and sectional title properties within the area (according to the type of property) sales and lending activity. It also includes demographic information like average age of home owners within the area as well as period of ownership. This report is the perfect report for an agent to fully understand his / her farming area.

R50.00 per report  |    view sample report

Additional reports are available at a nominal fee over and above the subscription rate.

Lightstone Property Pro App

The Lightstone Property Pro app is now available. It can be used by toolkit subscribers to access various reports anywhere, anytime. The App provides access to in-depth reports directly from your mobile device. Our app features unique, augmented reality camera and map search functionality; access to property, suburb and valuation reports; storage for photos and property details; and a fantastic presentation showcase option useful for showing sold or available properties.

Download app here:

Download the app user guide here: Download User Guide

The app is free to download and any reports drawn using the app will automatically be available should you login from your desktop.

  • Property and suburb reports are inclusive reports and will count towards the number of inclusive reports available according to your subscription choice.
  • EzContact and valuation reports will be billed to your account as additional reports on a cost per report basis and you will only have access to these if they are enabled on your subscription account.
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Why Lightstone Property’s Toolkit?

  • We have national coverage
  • Ability to calculate area under roof using our online measurement tools
  • Our reports are updated regularly, many weekly and at most monthly
  • Simple, initiative search capability using text or map searches
  • Select your own area to get the most relevant information ("My Area" function)
  • Ability to include your own logo on our reports and hide or display sections of our reports
  • High quality aerial imagery from multiple sources
  • Do your own valuation using our data and select (and delete) comparable sales
  • Exportable as PDF or Excel documents
  • Enter your own information onto our reports to enhance the quality e.g. bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Unique data such as Sales in Execution, Endorsements and reported Offers to Purchase

What does it cost?