Commercial Property Toolkit

Lightstone’s Property Toolkit provides access for subscribers to a set of tailored Commercial Property reports.

Why subscribe to the Property Toolkit?

Our Property Toolkit provides the most cost-effective way to access information on commercial property.

Why Lightstone Property’s Toolkit?

  • We have national coverage.
  • Our reports are updated regularly, many weekly and at most monthly.
  • Simple, initiative search capability using text or map searches.
  • Ability to include your own logo on our reports and hide or display sections of our reports.
  • High quality aerial imagery from multiple sources.
  • Ability to measure buildings under roof space using a unique tool as well as ability to measure yard size wall to wall.
  • Do your own valuation using our data and select (and delete) comparable sales.
  • Exportable as PDF or Excel documents.
  • Enter your own comparable sales information onto our reports to enhance the quality.
  • Unique data such as Sales in Execution, Endorsements and reported Offers to Purchase.

What reports are included in the Property Toolkit subscription?

This report allows users to zone in on a specific Property and it contains the following information:

  • Property description
  • Erf Number
  • Ownership information
  • Municipal Valuation
  • Transfer history
  • Bond details
  • Comparable transfers
  • Suburb trends
  • Amenities

This report allows users to pull a list of transfers that have happened in a suburb using filters to select the type of commercial properties, full title or freehold, and users are able to select their time period and get the report, this report contains the following information:

  • Property details
  • Erf Size
  • Purchase price
  • Parties to a transaction (seller and Buyer)
  • Price per M²

Depicts who owns which property in a street within a selected suburb as well as the last 5 transactions that occurred in the street. Sectional schemes and walled estates are automatically excluded.

What does it cost?

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