Commercial Property Information

Lightstone uses a unique blend of strategic expertise, proprietary data and technology to provide information and analytical studies on all commercial properties in South Africa.


Property/Address Validation

Our validation service provides a standard in capturing and storing property details. It assists in cleaning up a property portfolio, ensuring each property has the correct address detail. Properties can be placed on a map showing and attaching geo-coordinated and geo-spatial risk characteristics, catastrophe risk metrics, credit risk metrics and risk quality grades to each property and the portfolio as a whole.

Furthermore details on the owners of commercial properties are provided.


Nodal Reports

Our Nodal reports benchmark an area where the property is located, providing useful information on whether the properties performance is aligned to other properties located in the area.

Details contained within the report focus on the the size of the market area, a composition of assets – industrial, retail, office etc. Average gross rentals p/m², capitalisation rates, it gives insight into the existing development rights, committed developments, recent sales in the area, any vacancies, market take up and other indicators of demand. We further provide demographics, income levels of the population contained within the area and surrounds.


Batch Data Clean Up

We are fanatical about high quality data, focusing on the cleaning of data, and developing unique teams, systems and processes to build and maintain proprietary data.


Analytical and Consulting Projects

This offering is project based, where we would provide a scope to meet our client’s needs. It involves projects like portfolio valuation services such as data cleansing, property validation and value add, as well as bespoke projects such as property market studies and feasibility studies. We use proprietary data and information as the basis and framework for analytic projects and modelling with client specific data being overlaid to generate unique insights, perspectives and processes for our clients.